Grammar Schools 50 years on – Why the arguing will not stop

While there are parents who do not want their children’s education disrupted by students who want neither to work nor behave, grammar schools, and church schools and independent schools will thrive, unless, of course, politicians do something about poor parenting.
Tony Blair and Diane Abbot did something about it. Blair’s sons were sent to The Oratory where governors claimed that their most important function was to interview parents of prospective students to make sure that they would support the school. Diane Abbot simply allowed her eleven year-old to choose to go to an independent school and boasted later about his straight “A”s at GCSE.
Until all parents are expected to prepare their children for school then many parents will continue to protect the interests of their children when they entrust them to a school.
Parents who little choice in the matter might ask the head of the school to which they will have to send a child about exclusions and truancy rates to help them in their efforts to provide education, rather than a chipeter-inson-BBC-breakfast-TV-2008-linkld-minding service, in their schools.

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