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telegraph-Jan14Licensing system should be implemented by teachers – Labour’s licensing plan sounds reasonable, but teachers should be given control of it, says former head teacher Peter Inson

A considered smack is a parent’s right – Moves to outlaw smacking will further confuse and discourage parents.
A new generation of public schools – Good state-funded schools for everyone
Exam changes – What they really mean
If we can’t trust adults, children will lose out – Can we afford to ignore the commitment of volunteers?
Lowering the school leaving age – If teenagers see schools as a kind of PoW camp in a war between the generations, who can blame them?
Lucky break for the boarder – Secrets of success in a 21st century boarding school More Church Schools – Beware the state’s enthusiasm.
No need to be a Neet – Not in education, employment or training – a new diploma is introduced.
Not the way to help state schools – I have worked in both sectors, and Alan Johnson ‘s proposal makes me want to laugh – and cry!
Ousted – The loneliness of headship
Politician speaking sense on schools – David Cameron grasps a nettle.
Presentation, not content, is now the key to exams – Students are taught the use of headlines, without doing the more important bit first.
Social Inclusion – Schools can be just like prison
Stop interfering and set our schools free – City academies to take over primary schools. It’s all happening too fast.
Teacher spy – Public enemy or public benefactor? – hidden cameras – every supply teacher should be given one.
Teachers – Whose side are they on? – Teachers need to put their pupils first.
The solution to poor schools lies with parents – Selective education and parents
Trusting teachers to touch children – Trust teachers if we want the best from them.
Work ethics – Is compulsory schooling socially excluding some youngsters?
You won’t improve schools by mixing the bad with the good – Management by threat

The GCSE has had its day – East Anglian Daily Times August 31st 2012

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Another grotty day in paradise – A ski lesson with a former world downhill champion
Book Review – Converting the currentImagined London by Anna Quindlen
Dilemma for cyclists – Potential victims but sometime aggressors
Essex – What counts as the county’s culture?
Longhorns at Harrow – A traditional breed at the school
Out of print but still farming’s most popular commentator – AG Street, farmer, writer and broadcaster
Visit to a beekeeper – Finger-licking good

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