Short Stories

Short Stories

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A Suitable Donor

Give us back our school
A group of pensioners is excluded and gets its own back with a grey rave

Nothing More to Lose

Just Missed
Too late to meet a man who had fascinated me

Little Liar
Lying cured

Prisoner denied his dignity
What choice for lifers?

Prove It
School friend lost

The Interview
A change of career for Mr Windsor

The Mistake
Kidnapped – an eleven year-old killer

The Teacher’s Car
A confession stirs long-dead memories

The Visitor
The last brief encounter

The Witness
But what sort of Christian?

Would You Like a Copy?
A pushy parent pushes too hard

Obadiah Cranford v. The Archbishop
A man of words is held to account

Accounts Rendered
It’s too easy to interfere then walk away

An Inspector Called
A health and safety inspector saves the world

Certified Drivers
Held up on the road? – Traffic congestion cured

The Bonfire
Grown ups playing with matches

His Best Jacket
Mother killed by son’s best friend

The Stolen Spermatozoa
So tiny biologically, so enormous in its consequences

How the European Community was saved
Out-sourcing its bureaucracy to the Swiss