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Mini Stories for Young Adults


These stories have been written especially for reluctant readers; many of them require less than five minutes. They are meant to be finished quickly.

A number of these stories concern times when I heard about things for the first time or saw things from someone else’s point of view. Younger readers might like to think about incidents in their lives now that they will remember in the future. What is it in your life that has made you cry, or laugh or realise that you have learnt something important?

These stories contain something that has amused or interested me, or taught me something important. Now they are set out in a more permanent form; they are written down, but, hopefully, retain their original spontaneity.

Ideas are communicated much faster when written down clearly and good writing leads us into the minds of other people. It’s a good idea to remember then, that if we do not read we are cutting ourselves off from much human intelligence and achievement.

Following each story there are a few questions which teachers might like to use.

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