Licensing teachers

Proposals to license teachers much as other professionals are licensed – medics, architects etc. Sounds a reasonable idea. Teachers would require a professional body – at present they have only a government poodle of a so-called professional body imposed by government – quite different from the General Medical Council, formed of medical practitioners who themselves judge matters of professional competence.
It is anticipated that teachers will oppose such an imposition of checks, support and dismissal.
Here is a challenge for teachers and politicians; teachers want to protect such professional standing as they have, or better, strengthen it. Politicians want to get something done, without risking blame.
If teachers between them can set up their own body to run a licensing scheme they should be given control of it. This would give them increased standing, and freedom from the intrusion of retired teachers and others, and politicians would have handed responsibility to those who complain when it is exercised by anyone else.
The question is, just how big an “if” is it?

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