Peter Inson

What about the parents?

An international report last week about the state of education in the UK has been seen as suggesting that raised expectation of schools may have contributed to some improvements in British educational outcomes. Nowhere is there any reference to parents.Parents are at liberty to reproduce at will, without let or hindrance, prior qualification or inspection. …

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Overpaid “leaders” and fleeing teachers

On Monday The Times reported concerns about excessive salaries for some head teachers while today, November 13th, The Guardian tells of teachers fleeing from: excessive workload, stress, a lack of work-life balance, funding cuts, a dread of Ofsted, an obsession with paperwork, accountability measures, poor behaviour, children bringing weapons to school and high staff turnover. …

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Saving the planet

Last Friday we saw a younger generation encouraged to demand action to save the planet. When might we see them demonstrating outside shops that in winter blast us with hot air as we enter only to find the assistants wearing little more than their underwear? Might they also demand that televisions are sold, not with an …

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