Offended by The Lord’s Prayer?

Why shouldn’t Christians, who recall Christ’s expulsion of the moneylenders from the Temple, find themselves offended by the use of the celebration of Christ’s birth to promote an orgy of self-indulgence which coincides with the time of year when families are particularly liable to bread-down under the pressure to spend and be jolly, come what may.

Would the commercial world, that took fright over The Lord’s Prayer, ever consider withdrawing their Christmas advertising lest they offend Christians?

2 thoughts on “Offended by The Lord’s Prayer?”

  1. You have hit the nail on the head here Peter.
    Guess family breakdown not bread before
    Befote this goes viral!

  2. The only thing I want at Christmas is my happy and healthy family around me. I find the constant barrage of advertising and compulsion to buy stuff insulting and degrading, not to mention divisive – especially for families with kids who have to be seen to be keeping up with the latest trends for material goods.
    I think I am more christian than Christian but I would definitely put the Lord’s Prayer ahead of so-called “Christmas” hype!!

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