“Stop everything – It’s Black Friday” – one advertiser’s e-mail message.

I know that advertising pays for my e-mail service but I don’t need an instruction masquerading as a friendly message.

I am not a sheep that will simply follow the flock into the lorry that is bound for the slaughterhouse, or a lemming trying to keep up with other lemmings, unconcerned about the long drop.

Advertising literally means turn towards something. It is one thing to provide something to one side that we can turn to; it is another to stick it right under our noses, and especially to animate it and cover whatever it was that you were trying to read or understand, or to reveal a little female flesh then suggest that we might discover even greater quantities of female flesh if we push the next button.

Advertisers clearly know about the male’s biological eyes; without them we none of us would be here. Advertisers are probably more aware than most of us of how that animal weakness that we share with the rest of the animal world can be exploited. When I was farming I would simply introduce a group of females to any intractable boar or bull that required moving, that needed to be distracted.

When advertisers try to lead us on we need to allow our brains to function and put to one side the pull of our hormones lest we become exploited like our animal friends who find themselves in the back of that lorry.

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