Where’s Daddy? Two appeals

Improving Parenting 1. Why not use social media to find absent fathers.

Wanted: the man who slept with mummy nine months before I was born.
I don’t want to trouble you with:
Collecting me from school
Reading me a bedtime story
Teaching me to ride my bike
Helping Mummy when she’s tired
Decorating our sitting room
Listening to me when I’m in trouble with Mummy
It’s just that the doctor has told Mummy that my kidneys can’t work properly. She says that you or someone in your family might be able to give me a new kidney so that I won’t have to spend lots of time away from Mummy in hospital.

Wanted: the man who screwed my mother nine months before I was born.
Don’t want to trouble you about:
Pocket money
Taking me to football
Parents’ evenings at school
The light switch in my bedroom
Teaching me to drive
Mum’s moods
It’s just that I’m due in court next week. This kid bumped into me and told me to look where I was going – he was right in my face. What did he expect? Anyway, he’s out of hospital now. The solicitor says it would help if you came to court and said you’d look after me. Mum says she can’t do any more with me – says I can stay in this dump for all she cares.

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