Two killer fathers forced to abandon their children

Two killer fathers forced to abandon their children

Originally posted by Peter Inson at 12:22, April 5 2013

Mick Philptt’s conviction yesterday for the manslaughter of six of children was echoed by that of James Cummings, who was also jailed for life, for murder. Both men have fathered 17 chidren. Philpott needed the assistance of five women but Cumming needed fifteen.

Some chance of effective fatherhood now.

How can we encourage women to find better fathers for their children? How can we prevent women from inflicting fatherlessness on their children? How can we ensure that men look after their women during pregnancy and for the twenty or so years afterwards that it takes to bring up a child?

If the relationship between a father and mother is broken by the time a child is born, if either parent has failed older children, why do we then allow the child to stay with either of them?

There are plenty of capable foster parents and adoptive parents waiting to do the job properly.

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