The Bookseller’s FutureBook conference

A good day in London at The Bookseller’s FutureBook conference.

Two large, global publishers are to take a look at my text book, What, How and Why: a manual of better English following meetings with senior directors while two agents and another publisher are to look at The Redundant Car Park, my latest, dystopic novel. Further details can be seen at:

I listened to Sir Anthony Seldon, former head of Wellington College and Tony Blair’s official biographer, talking about his book, The Fourth Education Revolution in which he asks whether artificial intelligence will liberate or infantilise humanity. It was a particularly interesting session for me as I have just reviewed the book for the journal, Nanotechnology Perceptions and found Sir Anthony as convincing in person as he is on the page.

The Fourth Education Revolution, published by The University of Buckingham Press. ISBN 9781908684950 

Much of the conference was taken up with the use of technology in constructive ways. For example, the decline in the reading of stories among young men is being halted by audio books, which public libraries do much to encourage. Listening to stories leads on to reading more widely: with literacy levels among young adult males at the bottom of OECD league tables this is crucial for our economic development.

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