Speed cameras – a wasted opportunity

Speed cameras – a wasted opportunity

Originally posted by Peter Inson at 00:00, August 2 2012

In the last two days the deaths of two cyclists at the hand of motorists have been reported and yesteday a taxi driver drove his near side within a foot of me as I walked along the edge of our lane when he had four feet to spare on his off side.

When I pointed this out – he had parked fifty yards away – he told me that he had not seen me. I suggested that if his sight were that bad he should not be driving and he told me to piss off.

We are now to have average speed cameras on our local trunk road.

Speed cameras, even clever ones that record average speeds, will do nothing to change motorists’ indifference to the safety of other, more vulnerable road users.

How much better to develop cameras that record relative speed and proximity to other road users. Then target those who have no concern for others’ safety.

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