Helmets for cyclists – maybe, but….

Helmets for cyclists – maybe, but….

Originally posted by Peter Inson at 06:14, August 3 2012

When my brother-in-law was knocked from his bike it was the back of his helmet that was smashed rather than the back of his skull. Yes, helmets make cycling safer for cyclists.

However, if we want to make the roads safer for everybody then a far more radical approach is needed for, generally speaking, when pedestirans and cyclists, and airline pilots, make mistakes they as likely to hurt themselves as other people.

On the other hand motorists are more likely to hurt someone else and with their air-bags, side impact panels, seat belts and large bars across the front of some vehicles, it is no wonder that some of them are less than concerned with other people’s safety.

Before troubling cyclists who cannot be bothered with their own safety we should remove from the roads drivers who show their indifference to others’ safety: people with convictions for violent or threatening behaviour – we wouldn’t give them firearms certificates, would we – and people who drive uninsured, without an MOTor while banned, and people who drive aggressively.

That way the roads would be safer for all of us.

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