Safer cycling – cycle proofing

Having cycled in and around London on and off since 1959, and survived three accidents, I am impressed by the millions to be spent on cycle-proofing some roads. (News Aug 12th 2013)

Four of the ways of cycle-proofing roads address bad driving: lorry safety equipment, dangerous junctions, training and speed limits in residential areas. They do not address the problem of indifference to the safety of others. Considerate drivers manoeuvre lorries carefully, negotiate dangerous junctions with due care, interest themselves on the effect of their driving on other people and drive at a safe speed.

Other ways of improving driver attitudes of motorists could include:

Firstly, suspend the driving licences of people convicted of violent or threatening behaviour, or of using a motor vehicle in the commission of a crime.

Secondly, require able-bodied people to hold a cycling proficiency qualification before obtaining a provisional driving licence. Learner drivers would appreciate what is like to be a potential victim, the effectiveness and efficiency of the bike in town would be more widely appreciated and some of the early graves for the obese, predicted recently, might be avoided.

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