Safer roads for everyone

Safer roads for everyone

Originally posted by Peter Inson at 06:51, April 29 2013

Road safety, highlighted again last week as part of The Times’ campaign for safer cycling.

Our roads should be safer for everyone. We all of us walk alongside them them, cross them and drive along them. Some of us even cycle along them; for three years negotiating the Hanger Lane gyratory was my favourite blood sport. Some people drive along them with due care and consideration for others.

In 2010 there were 700 cases of murder in the UK. In the same year there were nearly three times as many people killed on the roads and ten times that number seriously injured.

To make our roads safer we should consider:

1. Denying licences to people convicted of violent or threatening behaviour, or  who use motor vehicles in the commission of crime.

2. Requiring able-bodied applicants for a provisional driving licence to pass a cycling test – to experience being a potential victim before becoming a potential risk to others.

3, Adapt speed camera technology to catch drivers who drive too close to other vehicles, phone, read or text while driving, don’t bother to clean their windows, or simply drive agressively.

4. Confiscating vehicles that are not tested or insured.

5. Suspending the licences of all the drivers involved in any accident until the causes of the accident have been established, as happens with air, rail and marine trasport – 2,000 deaths a year?

5. Issuing licences for low-powered mopeds to anyone banned from driving a motor vehicle (To include soccer super-stars, politicans and royalty)

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