Red ink – teacher reprimanded

Red ink – teacher reprimanded

Originally posted by Peter Inson at 07:22, April 29 2013

Last week a teacher who was reprimanded for marking homeword with a red pen; students might feel humiliated by correction.

An appeal to the Department of Education won support or the teacher’s use of red ink; any distinctive colour may be used.

Common sense demands the use of a colour that contrast with the black or blue that are most commonly used by pupils.

The teacher consulted the D of Education and was told that red corrections are all right.

Why add to the department’s sense of self-importance? Why contribute to the perverse notion that the department should be consulted about anything to do with teaching?

And what view could a teacher expect from the teacher unions? As many views as there are unions probably. Would teaching unions encourage this politically inept kow-towing to the D of Ed?

Would you submit to brain surgery at the hands of surgeon who had been trained without having short-comings pointed out?

“Never mind, you were only five millimeteres out. Why don’t you right a nice essay about the feelings of your last patient’s widow and her four small children?”

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