Why we Brits like Aussies – Happy Birthday, Sir Peter Cosgrove

Quote received today, Sir Peter’s 68th birthday, from a radio interview a few years ago. A lady interviewed him concerning guns and children. This is a portion of an ABC radio interview between a female broadcaster and General Cosgrove who … Continue reading

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Reading and Writing – Why bother?

Today I looked at the web site of an examination board to see a new English language syllabus and was invited to look at a promotional video, complete with shots of the board’s web site pages and pictures of English … Continue reading

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Abolish Education Secretary post

Said it this morning on BBC Radio Essex. We don’t need a Secretary of State for Education any more than we need a minister to tell us to buy clothes. Education Secretaries legislate without debate or vote in Parliament. If … Continue reading

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Teachers – don’t strike – just ignore government stupidity

This morning on Radio 4 an NUT spokesman said that one reason for today’s teachers’ strike was the increased imposition of bureaucracy. This, he claimed, reduces the time which teachers can devote to teaching children. Fine, if these things do … Continue reading

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EU policing powers – who needs another special relationship?

According to The Times last Saturday, the Prime Minister intends to had over some policing powers to the EU. This is the Prime Minister who could do nothing for a number of individuals who have been extradited to the US … Continue reading

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Suárez – give him dentures

A gum shield was suggested yesterday by The Guardian’s football correspondent. A gum shield might just manage to fall out during a game: dentures could be handed over to the ref, with great ceremony, at the start of each game.

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Head teachers to fine ineffective parents? Have teachers learnt nothing?

How on earth would head teachers impose fines? How would they check whether parents are reading regularly to their children? How could schools continue with the pretence that some parents really want an education for them, rather than a cheap … Continue reading

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Promises, promises – why do we believe politicians and experts?

Saturday’s headline on The Times front page – “Every child to read and write.” 15% of children in the UK leave primary school unable to read and write. Today , June 9th 2014, BBC 4 reports that government will not … Continue reading

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Now the EU wants to direct UK tax policy

Last week the unelected EU commissioners asked member states to cough up 1.8 billion Euros to find unfinished projects and now they are trying to tell the UK government to raise taxes. The EU gives no account of the use … Continue reading

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Only another 1.8 billion Euros

Another 1.8 billion Euros to finish projects – today’s request from the EU, despite rejection by growing numbers of European voters. What a nerve! Why give the EU any more when they are unable to account for what we have … Continue reading

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