Clacton – Carswell and UKIP leadership

Immediately following his victory in the Clacton by-election Douglas Carswell made it clear that he had no intention of seeking the leadership of UKIP. But what if Kippers ask him to lead them?

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Relationship education too late

The government is to add “relationship education” to ante-natal classes. Shouldn’t relationship education be part of growing up, before potentially fecund relationships are formed? Isn’t this provided by many parents and families? Isn’t it rather late to warn of the … Continue reading

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Will the Scots throw in the towel?

I will miss the Scots, bottling out of the Union. They have been good friends, keeping the rest of us on our toes. I’m sad that many of them want to throw in the towel; if they can’t hack a … Continue reading

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Examination results – this absurd obsession

Once again we are witnessing our annual mindless convolutions over the approach to adult life of sixteen and eighteen year-olds as examination results are published. The media circus, and the commentary of self-important “educationalists” is about as significant to national … Continue reading

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Businessman appointed chair of Ofsted

Where is there a teaching profession to counter the installation of a businessman to run Ofsted? He has no experience of teaching and restrictions have been placed on a chain of schools in which he has been involved. Teachers – … Continue reading

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Why we Brits like Aussies – Happy Birthday, Sir Peter Cosgrove

Quote received today, Sir Peter’s 68th birthday, from a radio interview a few years ago. A lady interviewed him concerning guns and children. This is a portion of an ABC radio interview between a female broadcaster and General Cosgrove who … Continue reading

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Reading and Writing – Why bother?

Today I looked at the web site of an examination board to see a new English language syllabus and was invited to look at a promotional video, complete with shots of the board’s web site pages and pictures of English … Continue reading

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Abolish Education Secretary post

Said it this morning on BBC Radio Essex. We don’t need a Secretary of State for Education any more than we need a minister to tell us to buy clothes. Education Secretaries legislate without debate or vote in Parliament. If … Continue reading

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Teachers – don’t strike – just ignore government stupidity

This morning on Radio 4 an NUT spokesman said that one reason for today’s teachers’ strike was the increased imposition of bureaucracy. This, he claimed, reduces the time which teachers can devote to teaching children. Fine, if these things do … Continue reading

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EU policing powers – who needs another special relationship?

According to The Times last Saturday, the Prime Minister intends to hand over some policing powers to the EU. This is the Prime Minister who could do nothing for a number of individuals who have been extradited to the US … Continue reading

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