Judge’s abusive language in court

It was unfortunate this week that a judge responded to a prisoner’s foul-mouthed and abusive language in court with a dose of the same. Elsewhere her response in kind might have shocked the man sufficiently to cause him to reflect … Continue reading

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Teens Detained Over Primark Toddler Kidnap

Schools that fail children are pilloried, handed over to new management or even closed down. Have the parents, all four of them, of these two girls been inconvenienced at all? Have they been required to explain their care of their daughters? … Continue reading

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EU – Returning not leaving- another way to see the result of the referendum.

Back in 1978 Prime Minister Edward Heath persuaded us that we were joining a free trade area then known as The Common Market. What he concealed from us was the intention to create a super-state. We are now returning, it … Continue reading

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EU – what will I do next?

First I will contact friends in Spain, Italy, Germany and France to tell them that a vote to leave the EU is not anti-neighbour, nor anti-friend or anti-foreigner and that, whether or not we are in the EU we are still … Continue reading

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The Last Post – the EU referendum

Some at least of those of us who do not want to remain with the EU as it is are NOT anti-Europe, we do not want to turn our backs on Europe or want the UK to attempt to “go … Continue reading

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Schools tests: arrogance, subservience and some courage

Presented recently with a grammar question for 11-year-olds, schools  minister Nick Gibb failed to distinguish between a word used as a preposition and as a subordinating conjunction. The sentence concerned was, ‘I went to the cinema after I’d eaten my dinner’. … Continue reading

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The Four Dimensions of a Positive School Culture – read on and on and on.

This reached my recently via Linkedin. As today’s school leaders seek to acquire the skills and knowledge that are necessary for effectiveness in current educational institutions, they should realize that there are no simple answers or shortcuts to achieving leadership excellence. The … Continue reading

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Wanting not to have children

Last week The Times reported the story of a woman of thirty who had waited several years for her GP to agree that she should be sterilised because she did not want to bring a child into this world. Not only was … Continue reading

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What hopes for teenage literacy?

I have recently seen a letter sent from a local school to the parents of a Year Eleven pupil concerning his entry for English examinations. The letter begins: “The English Department at X School are committed to ensuring Y receives the best … Continue reading

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Teenage police killer – parents’ accountability?

Will Clayton Williams’ parents ever have to face a court, and their son, to explain their care and upbringing of him? Will they be asked what they will do to reduce the chances of others having to suffer as PC … Continue reading

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