Boris Becker just can’t help himself

Boris seems as profligate with (other people’s) money as he was with his sperm. I just hope that the settlement with his daughter’s mother is tied up securely – about $6 million I seem to remember.

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GCSE results; why get so anxious. Just grow up.

Teenagers do not deserve so much pressure over their GCSE results which are used by politicians to bully their teachers. There are many other  important things in which young people should take an interest: work (illegally If necessary) travel, volunteer … Continue reading

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Fathers who walk out – recommended comment on The Times web site

The Times August 8 2017 Find the lost boys before the extremists do Rachel Sylvester was writing about boys who are drawn into criminal gangs or radicalisation and rightly referred to a disconnect between one generation and the next, particularly … Continue reading

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Four legs good, two legs bad.

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Four legs good, two legs bad. The Times should really have something better to publish in today’s Times 2 than its nonsense about an hourglass figure. This picture reminds me of Ongar Young Famers’ Club where I was trained to judge … Continue reading

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Acid attacks – accountablility

Owners of dangerous dogs who allow them out can face prison. How  much more dangerous is a violent teenager; why are their parents not held accountable, especially those who have walked out?

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Sign my petition. EU Divorce Bill. No more payments without proper accounting

Sign my petition Alarming figures of £50 billion and £100 billion have been bandied about. We were tricked by Ted Heath into voting to remain in an unelected super‐state rather than a common market. Should demands such as these … Continue reading

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Horrified by parents who allowed their daughter to die?

Go to Libby Purves article, published last January, and also read the comments. Why can we not address the problem of unsuitable adults who inflict themselves as “parents” on babies who are necessarily vulnerable and dependent?  

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Terrified by teachers – a new book to overcome fear and failure

Last year it was a boy who was predicted a U for his English GCSE, now it’s a girl who is frightened about her SATs tests. Exam results are such a badge of honour for schools and those who manage … Continue reading

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Fecundity gone feral – pregnancy a way of life

We learnt recently that the British Pregnancy Advisory Service has criticised the charity Pause, which sets out to help such women for “undermining the autonomy of a group of women who already have little control over their lives,” by insisting that those … Continue reading

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Social workers and teachers fail troubled kids

Social workers have recently come under fire for deriding the benefits of state boarding schools and their ability to provide a good education as well as a stable and orderly social environment. Their opposition has denied such opportunities to youngsters who desperately … Continue reading

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