Writing – two bits of encouragement – fiction and non-fiction.

Firstly, a tutor in York has tried out the first four chapters of What, How and Why. This is her reaction:- Awesome – I love this and would definitely buy it. I’d also recommend it to my tutees, particularly years … Continue reading

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Achtung. UKIP wants us to “hail” its new leader

Better to “welcome” the new leader, surely. Our grandparents’ generation, as keen to protect our country as ever UKIP is, heard that word mis-used menacingly so much in their youth that when spelt heil it continues to resonate today with … Continue reading

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Comeuppance – why are grown-ups so scared?

In last Saturday’s Times Mathew Parris took a critical look at our toleration of inefficiency in various aspect of our  national life and the easy way people make apologies when things go badly wrong. People are very sorry and lessons … Continue reading

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Road safety – why not try these measures?

In last Saturday’s Times Giles Coren suggested fitting a six-inch spike to the middle of steering wheels to force drivers to drive with greater care. Having survived cycling in and around London for some twenty years I can see his point but would … Continue reading

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No freedom of speech at grammar school

A row over free speech has erupted after a talk by alt-right journalist Milo Yiannopoulos, the controversial Trump supporter at his former school was cancelled over fear of protests.  Parents and pupils have been angered by this censorship by a “counter extremism … Continue reading

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Brexit – a new perspective

An American exchange teacher at my school in the sixties addressed member of the staffroom and asked why it was that the UK did not get up-to-date, like the States, and elect a president to be head of state. There … Continue reading

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Business leaders should not be appointed to run schools – letter in The Times

http://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/comment/history-and-the-royal-familys-secret-archives-77snzpsdq Sir, Toby Young’s call for business leaders to be made headteachers (report, Oct 29) should be rejected by teachers and parents. Young wants business leaders to apply their managerial experience to the running of schools — but schools are … Continue reading

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Parents’ rights before children’s rights – yet again

In Monday’s Times Libby Purvis rightly concludes that the World Health Organisation has more important things to do than concern itself with people who seek medical intervention in order to become parents. However like many people who address matters concerning human … Continue reading

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Judge’s abusive language in court

It was unfortunate this week that a judge responded to a prisoner’s foul-mouthed and abusive language in court with a dose of the same. Elsewhere her response in kind might have shocked the man sufficiently to cause him to reflect … Continue reading

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Teens Detained Over Primark Toddler Kidnap

Schools that fail children are pilloried, handed over to new management or even closed down. Have the parents, all four of them, of these two girls been inconvenienced at all? Have they been required to explain their care of their daughters? … Continue reading

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