Better English Manual

I would like to invite your interest in my second English textbook, What, How and Why: a manual of better English which has been published by The Book Guild (ISBN 9781913913175) at £9.99.

I am a retired head teacher and an English examiner who has written about education and young people for the national and academic press.

While tutoring a school ‘failure’ I began to appreciate widespread concerns about the poor literary standards of many people in the UK. Faced with the idea of tutoring a school reject and a school refuser, I had to find ways to engage them so I adapted ideas from car manuals and progressive methods of teaching.

This book engages students directly with openness, honesty and respect and maximises their chances of getting things right and finding the confidence to take the next step. It is designed to be used as a class text, a reference book for teachers, tutors and parents, and is jam-packed full of resources and further reading.

Tim Oates, Group Director of Cambridge Assessment, has endorsed the book.

Peter Inson’s book is the kind of text which we need in the education system in this country – a rich and wide-ranging resource which does not reduce the acquisition of facility in and understanding of English language to a narrow diet of examination preparation. But far from looking away from the requirements of public examinations, the book encourages the kind of learning which is associated with higher attainment in exams, through a deeper understanding of language structures.

Click here for some thirty responses to the book from around the world. Further particulars may be found here. Inspection copies can be ordered here by email.

With best wishes,

Peter Inson MA, BA, BEd, NDA.

What, How and Why: a manual of better English –
published on September 28th by The Book Guild.
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