US Extradition – another potential victim

US Extradition – another potential victim

Originally posted by Peter Inson at 00:00, July 25 2012

The case of computer hacker Gary McKinnon returns to the High Court today. The US authorities wish to extradite him. His mother claims that leading psychiatric experts have already concluded the 46-year-old would be at high risk of committing suicide if sent to a US prison.

Chris Tappin, the British businessman extradited to the US earlier this year was remanded to a prison of 7,000 inmates, many of them killers and drug dealers. He was subjected to four-hourly security checks, was unable to turn out the lights in his cell and was treated as if he had already been convicted. No evidence against him was ever presented in British courts and MPs have now called for the replacement of the treaty by which this particular outrageous neglect and abandonment of a British subject was permitted.
Make a fuss now.

Where now is Bob Diamond, formerly of Barclays, and where is his passport?

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