The T in BT – what does it mean?

The T in BT

What does it mean?

For each of the last four mornings I have received a message from a woman who speaks with an American accent. However she does not listen. She tells me that she is calling from BT and that my phone line is compromised.

There are no services that I use that have anything to do with BT.

Naturally, I try to explain this for I would not wish her to waste time talking to me, but she interrupts to tell me to push button one to resolve the matter. Now, I may be an old duffer, struggling with modern technology, but the peasant in me – don’t laugh I have letters (NDA – Writtle) after my name to prove this – but I do not do as I am told by an anonymous voice on the telephone

I call BT. I am asked by another automated female voice to indicate the nature of my communication.  Three times I say the words “Hoax call from BT” but the machine that controls this lady – where can one buy such machines? – tells me that I need to say what I need to say in some other way. So, I add the number from which this suspect call emanated.

Then I end the call. I have communicated all I need to communicate – from a distance, hence telecommunication. (Like television or telegraph – grapho – I write – in Greek and teleo – at a distance.) Whether anyone will listen I don’t know, but unless someone does then, obviously, there will have been no communication.

Now what was all that about the letter T?

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