The Four Dimensions of a Positive School Culture – read on and on and on.

This reached my recently via Linkedin.

As today’s school leaders seek to acquire the skills and knowledge that are necessary for effectiveness in current educational institutions, they should realize that there are no simple answers or shortcuts to achieving leadership excellence. The most important task is to find the right combination of qualities and characteristics that will consistently provide the leader with the skills and knowledge required to succeed on a regular basis. To that end, there are four dimensions that are essential to creating a positive school culture – optimism, respect, trust and intentionality. 85 words

This is prolix management-speak, worse than simply talking rather than doing. A teacher, so-called, is mis-using the language. How about:

Leadership in education is not easy. It requires skills and knowledge, and four qualities: optimism, respect, trust and determination. 19 words.

Why waste other people’s time with so many unnecessary words?

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