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Here you can purchase and download digital lessons – lessons suitable for anyone wishing to improve their literacy skills; it’s never too late!

You might be a school student with exams approaching or, perhaps you just need a little extra help.  Maybe school is a distant memory and you want to be able to communicate better at work, ensuring correspondence is grammatically correct.  These 7 lessons will help you improve, whatever your reason.
As a guide, school years 5 and 6 might use these lessons with support from a parent or teacher whereas years 7 and upwards (and into adulthood) can typically work through the lessons independently.

There are also links below to ‘Heinemann IGCSE English – First Language‘ plus my Kindle or paperback book ‘dunno’.

Lesson One

Words and their Work

Lesson Two

Putting words together

Lesson Three

Punctuation – 1

Lesson Four

Punctuation – 2

Lesson Five

Sentences – 1

Lesson Six

Sentences – 2

Lesson Seven

In so many words




IGCSE English

First Language Student Book with Exam Café CD

Complete coverage of the latest Cambridge International Examinations IGCSE syllabus. This book supports and extends theoretical knowledge and understanding, as the practical skills needed to do coursework are developed. Includes FREE Exam Cafe Student revision CD-ROM.


6 months in the life of a 15 year-old truant and thief

Jon is 15 and life is hard. Money is tight and Jon is trapped in a hopeless criminal existence. By chance, he meets someone who helps him to see things differently. Despite girls, despite bullies, despite teachers and policemen and his mother, and his mother’s violent boyfriend, Jon wants to survive.

The Redundant Car Park

In 2025 the British government finds itself in need of a free enterprise zone to kick-start a failing economy.

Essex is chosen as the site for a massive economic and social experiment in which employment and planning laws are suspended.
The experiment fails.