Safer Roads

Safer roads

Originally posted by Peter Inson at 07:39, January 15 2013

Provisional driving licences for able-bodied people only once they have passed a cycling proficiency test. Oblige them to appreciate consideration on the part of other road users. Anguished parents would demand far greater expectations of motorists.

Convicted for violent or aggressive behaviour, don’t insure or test their vehicle, using a motor vehicle in the commission of crime – moped licence only.

“Self-distraction” on the part of any road user, pedestrian, cyclist or driver, with mobile phones, excessively loud stereos and similar electronic entertainment etc – contributory negligence should they be involved in an accident.

Treat motorists like pilots of aircraft, captains of ships and drivers of trains. Involvement in an accident incurs suspension until an enquiry has established the cause.

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