Private healthcare contractractor abandons trust

Perhaps it’s no bad thing that the private company that is responsible for Hinchingbrooke Hospital is abandoning the NHS trust for which it is responsible, but who will care in the place of Circle Holdings? Medics, the people who actually treat patients, who cannot run away. They have to stay put until it is safe to leave patients. They cannot decide that they are going to pull out of the Hippocratic Oath just because their franchise is “no longer sustainable.”

No community can contract out of its responsibility to care for its members. If people can be called upon to “care” because it is profitable to do so, then we cannot expect them to stay the course when profits vanish. The company speaks of an “orderly withdraw;” don’t hold your breath.

Any chance that the inspectors who have condemned the company will step in and run the hospital until this mess is dealt with?

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