Ofsted – a tactical withdrawal?

“Ofsted is ditching 1,200 school and college inspectors after assessing them as not good enough to judge schools.” BBC Saturday, June 20th.

So, many Ofsted inspectors are incapable of reporting on schools. a number are not even qualified as teachers and the standard of English in their reports is said to be poor.

So, their numbers are to be reduced.

It would be encouraging to think that teachers would turn this withdrawal into a rout.

Teachers could expose these shortcomings, resolve not to be inspected by inspectors who are unqualified or who have not taught for substantial periods recently (Yes, regular teaching in classrooms, not “managing” schools.)

They could remember that inspectors are not guests of schools, but intruders and have the professional balls to treat them as such. (You need a toilet, somewhere to work, refreshments – bring them with you.)

Teachers could cold-shoulder Ofsted. Remove from school premises any reference to Ofsted. (Banners proclaiming your school’s success serve only to bolster Ofsted and its ability to put you down next time they pay a visit.)

Teachers could ask how effective Ofsted itself is if it takes this long to realise that 40% of its staff are in need of removal.

Sadly perhaps teachers themselves bear some responsibility, for their long tolerating Ofsted’s intrusion into their work and, more importantly, for not themselves establishing and supporting a teacher-led inspection system, for not taking upon themselves the responsibility for the quality of their work.

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