Lorry drivers on the M20 – abandoned to charity

Where is the provision for all these drivers, forced to park on the M20? Where is all our hospitality for strangers struggling to get home for Christmas?

Let’s hope that charities get to grips with the situation for no one else is.

Serve us right if the drivers abandon their lorries and set off across the countryside in search of food and shelter.

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2 thoughts on “Lorry drivers on the M20 – abandoned to charity”

  1. Not our fault for French actions
    They could all return to bases and hotels in the uk rather than queue! I believe in light of events they are getting the best available

  2. Covid was a pretext for the French, and their discovery, after mad-cow disease episode some years ago that, despite The EU’s all-clear, there were still “concerns” about British beef when they banned it, unilaterally.
    At least charities are now engaged with the stranded lorry drivers.

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