Literacy for flirting

A friend once showed me a business card that he had just had printed. It contained a simple message.

I am a shy and timid sort of person. I hope you don’t mind my mentioning this, but I would really fancy getting between the sheets with you. If you think this is a good idea, you needn’t say anything. Just smile.

Well you would, wouldn’t you?

My point is that it is only in writing that this message could be conveyed. No one who was shy and timid would admit that they were shy and timid, certainly not by saying these words out loud. However, the fact that they have been conveyed, in writing, will put the reader at ease, an important part of the seducer’s art I would imagine. Then, there is no need to worry about what you are going to say next. It’s all set out in writing and your target is engaged in reading your words and you will not pause or hesitate. Your words have been considered carefully, read over several times perhaps, until they are perfected.

The writer has left his target to read his words as he has set them out: a short, reassuring opening sentence, followed by two longer sentences that present an idea and lead to further reassurance. Then there is the final pause and the two brief words of an almost inescapable suggestion – just smile. Who would fail to be amused by all this?

So much care can be put into our language when we write it down and then things become possible.

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