High Praise – it’s what I have been trying to tell some publishers

Back in October, I cut out the excellent article of yours (East Anglian Daily Times) entitled, ‘A Good Command of English Makes a Difference to our Lives’, and have used this for discussion from time to time during my English lessons with young foreign students.   I believe our country is not alone in suffering this decline in diction and literacy.  We can all speculate as to the root causes but, whoever is to blame, I am glad that there are people who will speak out as you have and attempt to reverse the situation.

I would like to purchase a copy of the book you describe in the article.  I do, occasionally, help the sort of person you mention, “young adults who failed at school or who simply did not bother”‘ and am most interested to learn what approach you consider best for such students.

Perhaps you would let me know the correct title, price and where I can obtain a copy.

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