Gay marriage – an unfortunate diversion

Gay marriage – an unfortunate diversion

Originally posted by Peter Inson at 07:28, January 15 2013

Our current worries about same-sex marriage divert our attention from children and those who bring them into the world. Marriage was established at a time when babies usually followed the start of cohabitation and was accepted as the means of securing the needs of the innocent, vulnerable and dependent new parties to a relationship. It accepted and regulated the biological and moral consequences of cohabitation which arise from the arrival of children – vulnerable, dependant and in need of loving, committed care and support into adulthood.

Why should the state interest itself in personal relationship between two adults of the same sex? Same sex relationships do not generate third parties and can be supported by financial and inheritance legislation and by any ceremony of their choosing, rather like artistic or business partnerships where the parties concerned have many options. Children have no choice and little influence over the partnership which was responsible for their conception. Far more good would be achieved by imposing a marriage contract between two people who bring a child into the world, but this, of course would raise further difficult questions.

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