EU – what will I do next?

First I will contact friends in Spain, Italy, Germany and France to tell them that a vote to leave the EU is not anti-neighbour, nor anti-friend or anti-foreigner and that, whether or not we are in the EU we are still part of Europe – history and geography see to that.

Secondly, I will contact my MP, a Tory Eurosceptic, and encourage  him to see that David Cameron remains Prime Minister, to lead a Remain Parliament through the consequences of the referendum which he provided.

Thirdly, I will watch to see how long it takes the EU to make another approach to the UK, with a very much better, realistic package. I suspect that EU wariness in other parts of the EU will be encouraged and will push the EU to see more sense in its dealing with the UK. then perhaps we might see a more substantial reform of the EU, not as a result of UK intransigence, but as a result of widespread concerns in Europe.

Fourthly, I will anticipate the EU trick of a second referendum here, on an up-dated package offered by the EU Commission.

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