Businessman appointed chair of Ofsted

Where is there a teaching profession to counter the installation of a businessman to run Ofsted? He has no experience of teaching and restrictions have been placed on a chain of schools in which he has been involved.
Teachers – you should unite and support one another to keep ex-teachers and others out of the business of school-inspections.
Whatever happened to the free market in education in which parents would support successful schools and abandon poor ones?
How can teachers expect parents to trust and support them if they put up with this sort of nonsense?

Schools do need to be run in a business-like manner – that’s why independent schools usually have a bursar. They are not businesses to yield a profit, but human institutions called to educate young people. The result of that activity can not easily be shown in a column of figures at the end of the year, but only over the lives of those who have attended them.

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