Both parents at home? Less likely in UK

Both parents at home? Less likely in UK

Originally posted by Peter Inson at 11:46, December 29 2012

Britain lags behind other developed countries when it come to the security of the families in which most of its children are brought up.

Anyone who has brought up children will tell you what an effort it takes.

When one parent is left alone to do the job it is far more difficult and the children are more vulnerable.

Once children arrive they are trapped with the family into which they were born until and unless the community has to intervene. Should this happen then it happens too late; the evidence upon which intervention is justified is itself evidence of harm done rather than harm avoided.

For the sake of the children concerned we should at least consider, before the birth of a child, how well the parents-to-be are supporting one another to prepare a secure home for the child they have brought into being. Children whose parents have failed one another, and therefore the child as well, before the birth, should be made available for adoption. In this way, the parents’ failure of one another could not become failure of a child.

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