Footballers who bite

Footballers who bite Originally posted by Peter Inson at 06:58, April 29 2013 Not fines or match bans. Why should the clubs be denied their valuaable services? Why should their adoring fans be denighed the thrill of their prowess on the pitch? If a dog bites we muzzle it. We can still enjoy its company, it …

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POLITE notices

POLITE notices Originally posted by Peter Inson at 07:21, April 29 2013 The words “Polite notice” on high-vis vests have upset the boys and girls in blue. Used by riders of bikes and horses that seem to provide a more arresting appeal to motorists. They seem to be a form of self-defence, like whacking someone …

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Prisoners’ perks

Prisoners’ perks Originally posted by Peter Inson at 06:03, April 30 2013 Chris Grayling, Justice Secretary speaks of prisoners having to earn the right to a television set by simply keeping out of trouble. The rest of us, who provide tv and other perks for prisoners, have to keep out of trouble in order to …

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Tory challenges free market

Tory challenges free market Originally posted by Peter Inson at 06:51, May 3 2013 Yesterday’s Times – Tory MP Laura Sandys challenges the trustworthiness of the so-called free market. Yesterday’s BBC recalls the sexed-up dossier about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction in an interview with Philip Hammond, the Defence Secretary, about the situation in Syria. …

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Put Pedestrians First

Put Pedestrians First Originally posted by Peter Inson at 06:01, May 12 2013 On May 8th a correspondent to The TimesToday’s  suggests that only a quarter of primary school children are allowed to walk to school, then goes on to remind us of the extent of adult obesity and the dominance of motor traffic in …

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QC wants age of consent lowered to thirteen

QC wants age of consent lowered to thirteen Originally posted by Peter Inson at 06:10, May 12 2013 The school-leaving age is about to be raised, to eighteen. Should we not raise the age of consent at the same time in order, more readily,  to criminalise those who wish to take advantage of young people?