Answer 1

Question 1   Identify the types of word used in this sentence.

Filled with terror, a blue rabbit loaded his Kalashnikov and slowly pointed it at the pack of dogs.


Filled (adjective – formed from the past participle of a verb) with (preposition) terror, (abstract noun ) a (indefinite object) blue (adjective) rabbit (common noun) loaded (verb) his (possessive adjective) Kalashnikov (proper noun) and (conjunction) slowly (adverb) pointed (verb) it (pronoun) at (preposition) the (definite adjective) pack (collective noun) of (preposition) dogs. (common noun)

Why is it important to know about the different kinds of words, or parts of speech?

Different jobs are done by the different kinds of words which comprise our language. When we are thinking these words, especially when we discuss them with someone, it is useful to be able to talk precisely about words and their functions.

For example, common nouns are names for ordinary things, rabbits and dogs. Collective nouns refer to groups of similar or identical things, packs and teams.

Proper nouns belong to particular people or things: Carl or Romford – think of property.  Kalashnikov was the name of the particular man who invented a rapid firing rifle; it belongs to him. His name, Kalashnikov became a convenient way of referring to the type of rifle that he invented, rather like the vacuum cleaner manufactured by Hoover.

Abstract nouns refer to things which arise from our understanding of something rather than from its physical characteristics (or properties) On playground duty as a teacher I sometimes stopped what I thought were fights, only to be told by the boys concerned that it was some sort of game that they were playing.

Both fight and game are abstract nouns. I had to understand what the boys were doing to choose the correct word. Peace and justice are further examples of abstract nouns. So is love, which can also function as a verb.

Understanding other kinds of words is important and of these the verb is the most important.

If you can speak English then you can understand English.
If you understand English then you will use it more effectively.

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