Achtung. UKIP wants us to “hail” its new leader

Better to “welcome” the new leader, surely.

Our grandparents’ generation, as keen to protect our country as ever UKIP is, heard that word mis-used menacingly so much in their youth that when spelt heil it continues to resonate today with much of the population. Yes, try it if you do not believe me – “Seig Heil.”

Freddy Vachha, UKIP’s Regional Chairman for London should choose his words more carefully. In his letter he writes of armies of people in this country facing one another and makes as much as he can about their differences, rather than things that might bind them.

As the 2015 general election approached Nigel Farage took every opportunity that presented itself to remind audiences that we contributed millions of pounds a day to the EU which had never presented accounts. I contacted Nigel, and two other UKIP officers to suggest that they sought a court injunction to prevent the Chancellor of the Exchequer paying any more money to the EU.

I received three replies, one to the effect that all UK judges had been appointed on the basis of their support for EU membership and would not grant such an injunction, one to the effect that we were obliged by international treaties to pay up regardless and one to the effect that taking such a case to court would involve huge legal fees.

I voted out out and have shared some of UKIP’s concerns but I fear that bellicosity will stir folk memories and simply remind the British that we do not like bullies. Better to beaver away at important issues then perhaps more people will come to acknowledge their mistake and we will be able to welcome the honesty of the likes of the Sunday Times columnist, Niall Ferguson.

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